Июн 5, 2022
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Battal Doğan from IzmirGirls, do not mess with him. He is a woman-eater


He meets Russians on dating sites and Russian migrant women in Turkey. He says that he is dating for marriage. He even calls women from other countries, from thousands of kilometers away. He lives with a woman for three days or a week. He cohabits with her, fucks her, then kicks her out and leaves her on various pretexts. He said that his boss forbade him to marry Russian citizens and told him to deport me immediately. Do not come to him, even if he buys a ticket, and do not spend money on him. His intentions are not serious. He is a womanizer and a scoundrel. Do not enter into a relationship with him. When I was still living with him, he continued to meet “for marriage” Russians, he gives out his phone number to girls! He cheats! He shit in my soul! Him number +905422397409
he is actively looking for a new Russian or Ukrainian!

Адрес,телефон,город: Страна: Turkey   Город: Foça
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Жалоба на: Battal Doğan from Izmir
Автор: Alena-2389

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