Май 28, 2022
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Battal DOĞAN from İzmir, FocaDeceives foreign citizens. Womanizer. Scoundrel


Battal works for the police jandarma in Foça
Is a representative of the civil servant of Turkey
He invites foreign citizens, women from Russia to his country for a wedding. Deceiving. He lived with a citizen of another country, has sex in his apartment, and then throws him out. And throws. He says that his boss forced him to leave the woman and she had to leave. and he throws the woman out. The woman was crying a lot. He is an ordinary Womanizer and a deceiver. Does not respect a woman’s time and money at all. I came to him for marriage from Siberia.it’s very far away. The ticket is very expensive. 26 thousand rubles is the average salary for 1 month of work. He said his boss forbade him to marry Russians. The day before I left Turkey, Battal met again on rusdate, gave Russian women his phone number and encouraged women to get married. Battal is a beggar, lives in a rented apartment.
with his permission and his desire I came to his country.
as a thing abandoned without a bit of regret and is now looking for a new russian

Адрес,телефон,город: Страна: Turkey   Город: Izmir Телефон: 905422397409
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Жалоба на: Battal DOĞAN from İzmir, Foca
Автор: Lady cat

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